About Company

Riff Point is an IT provider of enterprise solutions which focuses on selecting expert teams in accordance with specific customer needs. We specialize in IT outstaffing, outsourcing, consulting, research & development services.

Riff Point has gathered together a number of well-known and trusted experts with the same goals and long as well as productive collaboration experience. We’ve used every effort to hire them and make their work as comfortable as possible.

That’s the reason why we can provide various kinds of services – outsourcing, outstaffing and consulting. You name it – we can do it especially for You.

And of course we are always ready to provide the basic IT services – Research & Development. So no matter whether You need a particular specialist or a specific team of professionals, or would like to take care of the entire development process – we have appropriate resources and the top quality to make Your product delivered on time and in a perfect way.

Our Expertise

We have profound experience in building teams for various technologies and multiple needs of our customers. Your team of professionals may be required for a large project or for a number of smaller ones – our company will manage with selecting a proper team of the required size within stipulated terms and on budget.

  • Web Solutions

    Web development is part of the services that Riff Point’s experts provide for the customers. Various complex web solutions can be implemented considering your specific requirements.
  • Mobile Applications

    Mobile solutions in our company are developed on a daily basis. Riff Point mobile development experts always create innovative products and keep the customers delighted.
  • Desktop Software

    We build custom desktop software specifically designed for our customers’ needs. Riff Point developers create desktop applications for business, entertainment and other purposes.

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What We Propose

We thoroughly study your requirements & business goals, and with this in mind our specialists offer the best solutions for IT teams of professionals who will work with you every step of the way on your software development projects.

  • Outstaffing

    We provide a full cycle of hiring a highly-qualified IT specialist, or a team of experts specifically for your business projects. You save costs on an office space, insurance, taxes and accounting since the staff you hire is physically located with us.
  • Outsourcing

    Our customers often delegate their IT part of business over to us to be able to focus on their core activities. They trust our long-term experience as we have 2 outsourcing directions: AppCodin and WebCodin.
  • Research & Development

    Our top-qualified R&D expert team provides full technical analysis to define what your particular IT needs are. Then we look for a perfect combination of required technologies and skills, when we employ the desired staff for your project.
  • Consulting

    Any business faces with certain challenges every once in a while – that’s when a fresh idea, a piece of good advice or a business analysis is highly recommended. We consult on how to best improve existing solutions and realize new ones.

The best way from idea to success

Great results can be achieved through a number of activities, though it is crucial to begin from a brilliant idea and support it by a team of experts, who follow clear working processes and thus know exactly what they are doing.

1. Your Idea

An idea is the basics of every project and every venture. Whether your idea, or the idea you follow, is good or bad depends how your life may turn.

2. Project Success

The most important features of successful projects always remain their resources – skillfully built teams of IT experts.

3. Our Team

Another important condition for any company’s success is a well-planned, properly organized and professionally managed working process.

4. Quality Development

Quality control is an integral part of a well-structured working process, without which an end software product loses in quality.

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Case Study

Trust is the most valuable factor in any kind of business relationships. It is earned by impeccable reputation through delivering every single project within time and budget limits. But no matter how strong the trust is, multiple issues and different levels of complexity during the projects are inevitable. With all of it in mind, we always strive for the best possible results as this is our main goal.

  • Email Service

  • .NET/C# Developers

  • 6+ months

  • Direct Management

  • Service Goal

    Make research and development of Intelligent Email Content, Analysis and Categorization Engine. Provide the best possible Email services to the customers with the use of the cutting-edge technologies.
  • Client's Feedback

    We’d love to note that RP team are not just coders. These guys delve into the essence of the issue and work on how to find the solution and achieve optimal results. We value efficiency and high level of communication enabling to work effectively.

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Our Benefits

Among numerous advantages that we continuously provide for our customers we widely practice smart outstaffing services. Riff Point experts cover multiple development areas and, most importantly, offer individual approach for every specific project.

  • Our employment policy is to hire IT pros with relevant experience. The teams we build are aimed at strictly professional tasks performance.

    Bespoke Team

  • We encourage our clients to stay closely in touch with their teams so that they can monitor an entire process turning into a product.

    Visible Progress

  • Since you know what happens on your project at all times, and we can’t afford low quality because your success is ours, you’ll get just what you want.

    Expected Results

Stay In Touch

Feel free to contact us at any time, should you have any questions regarding our services. Please note, that we keep our minds open for your ideas and propositions as well.